"The Rule" - die Band von Ryan Liestman

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"The Rule" - die Band von Ryan Liestman

Beitrag  Ariane88 am Mi Nov 12, 2008 8:21 pm

At its core, The Rule strives only to make great music and give thrilling performances. The Rule
writes and plays in the spirit of legendary artists such as Sly and the Family Stone, Bob Marley
and the Wailers, and Prince and the New Power Generation. With instruments in hand, this group
of true musicians is making a name for itself in a "pop" world often devoid of great live music.
Energetic live shows, driving rhythms, and infectious melodies are only part of the whole
experience that is The Rule.

Ryan Liestman
Ryan Liestman is a twenty-three year old singer, songwriter, and producer from Minneapolis,
Minnesota. He wrote every song on The Rule’s debut album. Ryan also co-produced each track
with Tommy Barbarella. With a unique style that blends the Minneapolis sound (made famous
by Prince) with both old school soul and reggae, his music is fresh and vibrant. Having played keyboards/backup vocals for several top local acts beginning at the age of fifteen, Ryan is an
unusually young seasoned veteran. Ryan's own group has also been nominated for several
Minnesota Music Awards including "Best Reggae Band.” Ryan has worked with some of the most
well known Minneapolis musicians. Michael Bland (drummer for Prince, Maxwell), Stokley Williams
(leader of Mint Condition), and Mike Scott (guitarist for Prince during recent Musicology tour)
are often seen performing in his band. Noted for his versatility, Ryan is a performer in the
traditional sense. A true musician, he lives to perform, and those who have seen him in
concert cannot resist experiencing his shows over and over again.

Jeff Bernett
Jeff Bernett, born January 27, 1982, began playing guitar at the age of fourteen. With guitar
instruction from local Minneapolis musician and producer Mark Arneson, Jeff began to follow
in the footsteps of rock's guitar virtuosos. His high school band, Triaxis, took home two first
place positions in the Minnetonka Battle of the Bands (1999 & 2000) and won at Indiefest
2000 at The Quest. Befriending Ryan during his senior year of high school and on into college,
Jeff was exposed to more R&B, funk, and reggae. Finding a strong affinity with these new
styles, Jeff found himself playing along to Prince and Michael Jackson records rather than the
Rush and Joe Satriani of his past. Blending the sounds of the old school funk and soul masters
of Motownand harder progressive rock, Jeff plays with a sound all his own. But bottom line for
Jeff..."Make the song feel right."

Offical Bandhomepage -> http://therulemusic.com/
Myspace -> www.myspace.com/therulemusic

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Album - "The Rule"

Beitrag  Ariane88 am Mi Nov 12, 2008 8:23 pm

3 Drops
High Heels
Don't Be Shy
Keep This Love Alive
Darling Eyes
Burning Cry
See You Again
Something Bad
One Dollar

Auf der offiziellen Bandhomepage, findet ihr Hörproben zu den Songs.

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