Camp Rock - Teil 2

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Camp Rock - Teil 2

Beitrag  Ariane88 am Do Nov 27, 2008 10:42 pm

The JoBros Are Jonesin' For "Camp Rock 2!"

Is it sad that we just peed our pants with joy? The Jonas Brothers say they’re totally onboard for a Camp Rock sequel…woo hoo! "We've been busy with touring, but we would love to [do it]," Joe Jonas told Entertainment Weekly at the Teen Choice Awards. "The possibility of a second movie would be great."

So awesome, guys. But we gotta hear more deets! Like, what would it be about? (And how can we sign up to be a camp counselor?) Here's Joe’s plot idea: "Maybe, like, a rival camp." Oooo! We likey! (Maybe they can be played by Fall Out Boy.)

Meanwhile, Meaghan Jette Martin (who played mean girl Tess in the first movie) says that the JBs have already argued about locations. "One of them wanted winter camp," Meaghan told EW. "And one of them wanted Camp Hawaii." Okay, Hawaii vs. freezing your butt off: Who do you think's gonna win THAT debate?!


joebromaniac62: "I have a title. How about: 'Camp Rock 2: They Finally Freakin' Kiss!'"

lucie_rox: "That's so funny that one of the JoBros wants to film in Hawaii. Joe in a hula skirt would be so sexy!"

nickluver9123: "Rival camp for Camp Rock? What's it gonna be called: 'Camp Suck?' LOL!"

not_yo_momma: "Don't make it at a winter camp...they'd be wearing snowsuits instead of swimsuits. Sad!"

demifan4evah: "They HAD to make a sequel, because they left out Demi and Joe kissing the last time! Duh!"

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Camp Rock2 rockt

Beitrag  kp am So Sep 13, 2009 4:14 pm

Wir fanden den ersten Teil ja schon total cool. Und wir freuen uns riesig das jetzt
bald der zweite Teil rauskommt. Wir könnens kaum noch erwarten! fertig!!! You rock
Wie geil Ryan Liestman John Taylor Greg Garbowski Jack Lawless gib mir den beat


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